Peak Motivation is run by Ph D psychologist Jörgen Oom, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jörgen Oom has specialized in motivation, communication and attitude change. He has experience of motivational work from mainly two fields: sports and business life. From working with mental training and motivational work with top athletes (several olympic gold medalists, Wimbledon and Nobel price winners and top icehockey teams) he has created methods of how to establish winning attitudes and peak performance also in business organizations.

Jörgen Oom has vast practical experience of attitude change after having worked for more than 30 years in more then 40 different countries with more than 400 different companies.

Jörgen Oom gives seminars and motivational speeches in areas such as:

  • - Winning team attitudes  – The twelve lessons from team sports
  • - To motivate for excellence 
  • - Proud people perform
  • - Attitude change management

So far Jörgen has delivered a speech at seminars in 43 different countries.

Most different ones? Iran and Paraguay.


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Don’t limit your challenge – challenge your limit!

A few times a year you get the privilege of participating in really exciting events, like this one in Düsseldorf together with Handelsblattike

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Here lecturing together with Sweden´s former minister of finance, Anders Borg


Legendary former General Electric CEO Jack Welch and Jörgen Oom, both invited guestspeakers at Aspenworld 2002, an event that attracted more than 2000 international business leaders to Washington DC


Swedish Crown princess Vicoria hands out a award to the healthiest company in Sweden. Jörgen was the keynote speaker at this event.

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